Joshua Kyan Aalampour

Classical Composer

Joshua Kyan Aalampour is a 20-year-old self-taught classical composer based in New Jersey, USA. He has performed his compositions at Lincoln Center and is currently working on expanding his compositions to film scores.


My Music


Late-classical sounds


The Vlog

Adventures of My Life Captured Through My Lens

Since August of 2016, I have documented parts of my life on YouTube. What originally started as a satirical skit channel ultimately turned into a passion for film-making. My videos tracked my period as a foreigner in China during my 7-year stay there. Despite taking a 3-year hiatus from producing a single video, I have returned with a new documentary series called "The Vlog". The Vlog documents the various adventures of my life and serves as a time capsule for my future self.


The Blog

Occasional entries based on my life.


The Gallery

Scenes of my life captured through my lens.