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This is the full sheet music to my album "Gentle Is the Rain". 


Full recording available here.


"Gentle Is the Rain" is an album featuring 7 solo piano pieces with an ambient rain backing track. The album is centered around nostalgia, hope, and rain, and includes references to some of my older works, such as “Raindrop Waltz No. 1” (composed in 2019) and “Reverie” (composed in 2017). The tracklist can be found below:

1. Lost in Reverie
2. Wistful Overcast
3. Web of Memoirs
4. Waltz of Eden
5. The Flame That Never Wanes
6. Birth of a Romantic
7. Reverie Lullaby

Each track seamlessly transitions into the next, and the final piece, “Reverie Lullaby,” is a lullaby variant of my piece “Reverie” that loops 26 times. The album has a runtime of just under 31 minutes.

As a sensitive sleeper, I also wanted to create something that I could fall asleep to. However, I often struggle with calm works because of fluctuations in volume. To ensure that “Gentle Is the Rain” is a suitable sleeping aid, I balanced the volume range to prevent any interruptions. I have tested this out multiple times and ended up falling into a deep slumber each time.


There are not many dynamic or tempo markings in the score. I wish for the player to interpret the music with a free expression so long as it is calm.

Gentle Is the Rain (Solo Piano Sheet Music - PDF)

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