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This is the complete sheet music collection of my album "Winter Solace". Included is the solo piano sheet music for 8 separate pieces compiled into one PDF.


Play time: Approximately 12 minutes

Instrumentation: Solo piano

Total length: 22 pages


The tracklist is as follows:


1. Mind Palace

2. Reminisce

3. The Lonely Waltz

4. La Poursuite

5. Broken Key

6. Childhood Memories

7. Rebirth

8. Roots


Full recording available here.

Full MIDI video available here.


Winter Solace is an album consisting of 8 separate pieces. As some might know, I love the idea of composing cyclical music - that is, music where the final resolution is found at the beginning of the piece. With Winter Solace, the entire album is cyclical. It is meant to be listened to from start to finish, as there are modulations that happen throughout that only make sense when listened to in order. In other words, track 1 leads into track 2, track 2 leads into track 3, and so on.


The album is focused on solo piano, with a light orchestra at specific points. I included many references to earlier works of mine (including unpublished ones).

Winter Solace (Complete Collection - PDF)

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