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This digital PDF is the percussion part of "Winning Move". This includes tubular bells, bass drum, and timpani.

Winning Move (Percussion - Digital PDF)

  • "Winning Move" is a film rescore based on the popular Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit". In the piece, there exist a series of swells. The first swell (mm. 9-24) is meant to resemble Beth Harmon’s clash against American Grandmaster Benny Watts, to which she initially loses (hence the crash). The second swell (mm. 26-41) is meant to resemble her clash with World Champion Vasily Borgov - which contrary to the first event, results in a victory for Beth. The piece ends on a single note - which is an allusion to Beth’s younger days when she used to play against the janitor, William Shaibel.


    Full recording available here.

  • 4 Flutes

    4 Oboes

    2 Clarinets in Bb

    2 Bassoons

    4 Horns in F

    4 Trumpets in Bb

    3 Trombones



    Bass Drum

    Tubular Bells


    Organ I

    Organ II

    Violin I

    Violin II




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