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This digital PDF is a complete score of Opus 1: Piano Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, "Chaotique". It includes all three movements and a brief introduction analysis.


Play time: Approximately 25 minutes

Key: G Minor

Instrumentation: Solo piano

Total length: 60 pages

Movements: 3 (Molto allegro - Andante moderato - Molto allegro)


A full recording is available here.

TikTok available here.


Opus 1: Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, "Chaotique" (Digital PDF)

  • This piano sonata is scored in 3 movements in the late-classical / early-romantic style. Its publication marks the official commencement of my career as a classical composer, as it is my opus 1. The first movement is in G minor, the second in C major, and the third in G minor. While it does make use of ideas that have been stuck in my head for years now, the overall construction took place over the course of a couple of sleepless nights. Each movement is in sonata form, with a repeated exposition.


    The sonata is an allusion to my neurotic personality. It is a musical adaptation of my chaotic internal conflicts (hence the name) and is my most extensive published work to date. I understand that such a work is technically demanding, but if there is one wish I can hope for, it is that the performer plays it with the utmost passion. This is not intended to be a light-hearted piece of music. This is the sound of sanity’s demise - a musical representation of the battle against one’s own psyche.

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